Cera Castielle

A wild mage, she is quirky and curious


AC 23 HP 64 Fort 17 Ref 21 Will 23


Cera is as difficult as the magic she wields. Curious and charismatic, she believes in neither good nor evil, only magic. Things simply are. This is not to say she is indifferent to suffering, only that she knows pointless things happen, and she has to flow with the tide. She is curious about everything, she uses her charisma to wheedle information out of people without driving them mad with her blunt questions. Cera grew up in untamed forests, among a race not her own. From a young age she heard voices in the very air, telling her of her future. She mastered the conjuring of acid first, and it is her most favored and easily called spell, it’s range greater then any other. Her beloved familiar Loki joined her when she was still a child. She asked the arcane energies to soothe her loneliness, and they answered her with an elusive companion. The translucent cat is adept at spying, a master of stealth. It is quite fond of Cera, but has little use for others and will ignore them.

Cera Castielle

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