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The small world of Halnor is one that consists of only a single continent. The seas that surround this landmass are sprawling and dangerous. Many sailors stray no more than a mile from shore for fear of being lost in the endless blue. There is enough on this continent, though, to keep the populace from ever leaving.

Halnor has seen eons of struggle between good and evil. The shift of power between those who are righteous and those who are wicked causes a cycle of World Seasons that has defined this world. Each new season brings battles from the oppressed to fight for supremacy and power.

One organization that has stood to fight against the perils of evil is the Taerun. The Taerun have survived the World Seasons over and over, and always step to the challenge of protecting the innocent when Fall looms over Halnor.

The evil to the Taerun’s good are the Vel Sal. These creatures band together during the Spring to quell the outbreak that threatens their power over Halnor. Usually commanded by a very powerful dragon or demon, the Vel Sal are prized warriors of darkness.

The long struggle between evil and righteousness is actually caused by the clash of two giant creatures hidden beneath the physical plane of Halnor. These creatures, Galanth and Ezor are formless entities that wage a great war on each other for rule over Halnor. Galanth fights for all that is good. She believes that the citizens of Halnor should be free to live their lives without fear of disease, destruction or death. Ezor yearns for ultimate power over Halnor. He manipulates and commands many of the evil creatures found on Halnor, and attempts to control all that live on this plane.

The fight between these two is mimicked in the Halnor world. When Galanth is temporarily triumphant over Ezor, Halnor sees Summer. Ezor’s power corrupts the world and sends it into Winter. The problem, though, is that the longer one of these beings has power over Halnor, the weaker it becomes. They exert a tremendous amount of energy to change the world to how they see fit.

Eventually, the other being becomes overwhelmingly more powerful than the other, and is able to wrest the control of Halnor from their rival. During this time is the Spring or Fall. Sometimes, the reigning being is able to delay the switch of power with the help of creatures on Halnor. This kind of blow is enough to push the rival’s power back enough such that they are not able to take ahold of the power for a long period of time. Such is the struggle between good and evil.

Unfortunately, Galanth has been having less and less success overturning Ezor and holding the world in her power. Ezor’s supreme creation, Los, is wreaking havoc repeatedly on Halnor, and Galanth is having troubles dealing with this monstrous creature. Her power is growing weaker with each attack by Los, and her presence is fading from the world of Halnor.

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World Description

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