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Here’s the very concise record I’ve (Simon) been keeping. Please add any events you think are important.

Beginning in Fallcrest

Hired as Caravan Guards

Conquest of the Kobold Hall

Adventures at Winterhaven

The Traitorous Militia Captain and the Defeat of the Night Raid

Return to Fallcrest

Sack of Harkenwold

Journey to the Ruins of Harkenwold and Thence to the Keep

Battle at the Keep, Retreat to Fallcrest

An Angry Baron and the Mission to Hammerfost

Clearing the Mine of Orcs

Wraiths in the Frozen Forest

Adventures Under the Mountain

Capture of Kalazar and Escape through the Portal

Fight in the Tower and Rest in the Dead Town

Back to Harkenwold, Meet the Rebuilders

Discovery of the Siege of Fallcrest

Sneak into Fallcrest, Crocodile’d

Conversation with the Advisor

Sneak out of Fallcrest with the Help of the Nightblades

Assault on the Keep, Dakkar Captured, Frosteye Slain, Slaves Freed

Gathering of Militia at Harkenwold and Hammerfost, Meeting Graniteaxe

Execution of Dakkar

Breaking of the Siege of Fallcrest

Repentant Kalizar Explains his Mission, Graniteaxe Warns of Spring Hero Tombs

Journey with Kalizar to the Tomb

Diversion at Thunderspire, the Body Switch

Ghosts of Averron Begin Rebuilding their Society

Excavations Begin at the Tomb, Fighting the Undead

Got Rot

Kalazar Shows His True Colors, Los is Released

Fallcrest Again, Statues vs. Tae Rune

Conference With the Tae Rune, They Don’t Know Shit

Baron Assassinated, Assassin Chased Into Tome Trove

Boneclaw Defeated, Much is Revealed About Los

Travel to Grazdan, Home of the Tayrun

The Tayrun Send us to Kill a General

A Rumor Reaches us and after Much Debate we Decide to Venture to a Tomb Instead

Encounter with a Medusa, Got Stoned

We Plunder the Tomb of Rasfar of the White Lions

Return to Grazdan, March to the General’s Tomb with Many Tayrun

Tomb Discovered in the Forest, Inhabited by Knolls

Los Meets with Spacklos

Sparkles Assassinated, Retreat

Return to Grazdan, Discover the Location of Another General

Set Out For the Capital City of Theosar


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