Arjhan Arissath

Dragonborn Cleric of the White Lions

Arjhan was a native to the area around Frista. His early life saw much fighting, as many lives started during his time. The streets of Frista were uncaring and indifferent, and Arjhan had to take what he could to survive. The city, at the time, was governed by a corrupt council who were greedy and manipulative. The upper crust of the city lived in as much luxury as one could during the Winter, while the rest of the populace suffered. Arjhan spent many nights fighting off thugs just so he could scavenge through scraps.

During one afternoon, Arjhan was caught in a quarrel for some warm clothing left behind. Unfortunately, one of the nobles stumbled into the fight. The town guard quickly ended the skirmish, and imprisoned each of the fighters. Arjhan was kept in the jail for months. Eventually, the guard took the dragonborn out of his cell and led him to the pits. The council had set up the pits for the entertainment of the nobles. Prisoners were sent into the pits to fight for their lives, and were allowed to live to fight again if they survived. Arjhan quickly showed that he was not going to sit down and die in this theatre. The dragonborn fought many battles, and survived them all, if only barely.

The council enjoyed this fighter, and gave him more leniancy than the other prisoners. Arjhan denied these privileges, preferring to live untainted. The citizens of Frista watched the dragonborn for many months, but eventually their interest faded. The council offered Arjhan to the king of Theosar for some favors. The king accepted the trade, for he needed more soldiers in his guard. The people of Theosar were growing unruly, and the king had to make sure he could quell any rebellion.

In Theosar, Arjhan found himself in the midst of an extremely tense environment. The king’s guards were required to walk the streets and make sure the people were in line. Unfortunately, the people saw these guards as the extension of the king’s choking grasp on Theosar, and many people taunted and degraded these men. The guards were quick to respond, beating any upstarts. Arjhan felt torn at what he was supposed to do, and sought to right these wrongs. In turn, he found the hidden temple of Bahamut. He found peace within its walls and people, and began to worship the platinum dragon.

It was in this temple that Arjhan found Varis. They quickly became friends, and Arjhan learned of the people’s plan to overthrow the king. The dragonborn was grateful for the chance to prove himself under his new god. The two eventually participated in the Overthrow of Theosar.

Arjhan Arissath

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