Lerissa Xanbar

Tiefling Wizard of the White Lions

In the wilds to the east of the Hammer Mountains, Lerissa was born to a tiefling slave, Kallista. Kallista had been captured by gang of bandits that were stealing from the sparse villages. She was a servant for one of the chiefs in a village named Psarti. The other people in the village looked down on her for her lineage as a tiefling, though Kallista proved to have no desire to follow the same path. Lerissa and Kallista were saved from the bandit group by a wandering wizard, Fetheran.

Fetheran was a tall elf, who had taken to living in the wilds. The bandits had made the wrong decision and fell upon the wizard to steal what he had. Fetheran was quick to dispatch the unruly folks and took the two tieflings under his wing. The elf saw that Lerissa had a great aptitude for magic, and he taught her everything he could. Lerissa devoured the education quickly, and her power grew rapidly. Kallista was very proud of her daughter.

Needing supplies, Fetheran and the tieflings went into a large village. They unfortunately met much hostility. Everyone saw the tieflings as a bad omen, and many were quick to try to get them out of town. Fetheran tried his best to quell the unrest, but only barely managed to do so. After buying the supplies, the trio turned to see another wizard standing in their path. Lerissa saw that Fetherean recognized the dragonborn standing before them. “How unlucky of you to attract so much attention because of your guests. I was nearly out of this village when I heard all this ruckus. I’m so happy I found you,” the dragonborn snarled.

Fetheran’s brow furrowed as he responded, “Torrin… so you have finally found me. I regret not for killing your corrupt father. His clutch on the seat of Gasral was threatining to kill the entire town! The Winter is hard enough on us all, and your father made matters worse. So many innocents were dead because of him.”

“ENOUGH!” Torrin blared. “Resist or not, you will pay for your murder.” The two wizards let loose the most terrible of spells at each other. The battle was cataclysmic, the village being destroyed around them. Lerissa and Kallista could only escape from the carnage. At long last, the spells ceased. Lerissa creaped around the village, looking for the outcome. She shifted around the last hut to see Fetheran laying on the ground with Torrin nowhere in sight. Lerissa ran to her mentor, who whispered, “Evil has won again… I suppose I won’t be seeing the Spring…”

With nothing but rage in her heart, Lerissa turned to her mother, bid her a cold farewell, and set out after the dragonborn murderer. Her goal was absolute. Kill this embodiment of Winter.

Lerissa’s trek brought her south along the Hammer Mountains. She was able to gather enough information from the sparse villages she passed through to keep on Torrin’s trail. The dragonborn was suprisingly swift, with the tiefling only just able to keep up. She never once did see Torrin, but her rage and vengeance grew ever hotter. Eventually, Lerissa made it to the foreign city of Gaslra. There she set about finding this dragonborn. A week passed, and she had no sign of the murderer. “Has he moved again?” she thought. Try her best, noone ever recognized Torrin in town. That is, until she met Rasfar. The brash human said he saw a dragonborn by that description strike out towards Theosar as quickly as he had entered town.

Frustrated, she set out again, this time with a friend. Rasfar kept her company, and proved a worthwile companion. His skill with the sword and shield were remarkable. Once within the city’s walls, Lerissa once again started asking for news of Torrin. Luckily, some of the townsfolk had seen a dragonborn matching the description. He apparently was a guest of the king, and was staying in the castle. Unfortunately, the pair had no way of accessing the castle, and Lerissa grew restless.

Luckily for the tiefling, a revolt was in the works. Within a few days, the clamor of battle reached the inn that Rasfar and Lerissa were waiting in. They gathered themselves for battle and stepped outside to help with the Overthrow of Theosar.

Lerissa Xanbar

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