The great dracolich, Rotscale.

Taken from the Tomes of Los found in Fallcrest:

Los entered the world as a cunning and powerful blue dragon. He was exceptional in both intelligence and strength compared to other dragons he met. The meager opponents he faced were quick to falter and perish by his claw. For years, Los roamed Halnor looking for the most exquisite of roosts. He found many acceptable ones, and wrested them from their owners. Alas, as his power grew, so did his appetite for conquest. Soon, the dragon was attacking other dragons just for the challenge. He held no respect for seemingly more powerful elders, and would subvert their control of their lands, or outright kill them. As Winter fell on Halnor, Los lusted for more power. The great dragon devised a plan that would make the world congregate under his power for him to control.

The dragon spent many nights hunting the most influential creatures in Halnor. He knew that the world was divided, and had not the power to stand together. Alas, there still were a number of powerful creatures that held a strong grip over their population. Los’ plan was to unite these creatures under his guidance and control. Los would find these bands and would set upon them, half intent on killing them. Once the leader showed themselves, Los would seize them and whisk them to a mountaintop. There, he would provide them an ultimatum, serve under me or die. Few chose death, and the rest became his Generals. With the power and might of his Generals, Los terrorized the rest of the continent of Halnor. After years of razing and pillaging, the populace of Halnor conformed to Los’ rule.

Los’ reign over Halnor lasted hundreds of years. Some of his Generals staved off death, but others grew too weak and were replaced. The dragon amassed a great wealth from taxes, and his Generals enjoyed the liberty to do what they pleased, as long as it did not disrupt Los. Thousands of people met their death at the hands of Los’ underlings. Those that resisted his rule were unceremoniously killed, along with their family and friends. The dragon’s rule was absolute.

Eventually, the World Seasons started to sway back towards Summer. Los had staved off Spring many times, but each time it came again, the righteous were more powerful. The previous Spring battles were especially brutal, killing many of his Generals. Los was determined to live to see another Winter, and when the Spring battles struck up again, he had another plan. He needed the delight of immortality. Los shed his mortal flesh and underwent the ritual to become a dracolich. Los was now know as Rotscale. He stored his phylactery in a remote location, where no man would ever find it, and he set out to finish his plan.

The dragon found each of his remaining Generals and offered them another life in the future. One where evil reigns supreme, and the Spring battles are a distant thought. Each one complied and Los used his necro magic to preserve each General in a tomb. Some requested that some of their men were entombed with them, and Los was eager to comply as only he could unleash them from their rest. The preperations were complete, and Lost set out for one more battle against the putrid knights of good.

The dragon massacred many righteous crusaders, but could not stem the tide. Standing atop a mountain of bodies, Los was finally struck down by 10 scores of men. His reign was over… for now. The Spring wars now over, the people of Halnor sealed away the deadly dragon in a tomb that no one should be able to open. There, the dragon slept and waited. His evil presence weakened the tomb over time, and he could start to invade the dreams of evil wizards close enough to the tomb. Through this power, he started the wheel of Fall in motion, and eventually his tomb would be opened, and Los entered the world again. Although relatively weak, the dracolich was still a menacing force.

Free again, Los gathered his might and freed each of his Generals from their tombs. With each day, he regained more of his former power until he and his Generals could crush the defenders of Summer. The battle was horrific, and many bowed to Los almost immediately, fearing his awesome might. His reign was absolute for centuries.

Again, the sway of the World Seasons fell upon Los, and he once again performed the ritual of storing his Generals and then himself. This cycle has been repeated countless times over the life of the Halnor world. His tales have been documented by his Generals and those who serve them in the Tomes of Los.


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