Overthrow of Theosar

The citizens of Theosar were growing restless. Their supposed king, Wansot, was greedy and cruel. He made outrages laws to place heavy fines and taxes upon the people, growing his already massive treasury. His soldiers razed the land when food was scarce, and terrorized the citizens of his city. No one had the power to do anything to stop the tyranny. That is, until those that had little left to lose banded together.

One of the main centerpoints for this uprising was the hidden temple of Bahamut. The king had outlawed all worship of gods such as Bahamut, Pelor and Avandra, turning his citizens to worship the more neutral gods of Ioun, Sehanine and Kord. Those that thirst for justice sought out this temple, and many joined its ranks. Deep below the city streets, these citizens were training into soldiers. There were two exceptional denizens of the temple as well. These were Arjhan Arissath and Varis Theodor. These two had met in the temple, and worked with eachother, developing their skills to overthrow the king.

Eventually, the day that saw the rebellion came. The people of Theosar poured into the streets, striking down any of the king’s guard they found. The guards had no way to quell such a monstrous rebellion. The crowd made its way towards the castle, led by the trained soldiers from the temple of Bahamut. Two more notable adventurers, Rasfar Gelendor and Lerissa Xanbar, made their way into the fray, hoping to reach the castle for other reasons.

The rebels gathered closer to the castle until the met the great gates. The wall of people easily destroyed the abandoned portcullis, and they poured into the walls of the castle. Rasfar and Lerissa made their way towards the dragonborn that Lerissa was hunting. Arjhan and Varis led the Bahamut soldiers to wipe out the king’s men. The two pairs fought their way through the castle, and eventually met up outside the throne room. Lerissa had tracked the dragonborn to this room, and Arjhan and Varis where prepared to strike down the king.

Expecting nothing more than the king’s guards, the party kicked open the doors that housed the king. What the found was a great demon towering before them, with the Lerissa’s quarry by his side. The king cowered behind the demon, who bellowed, “Stay back, pawn… I will deal with these pests.” Without hesitation, the four entered combat with the demon and dragonborn.

The foul creature was brutal with its attacks, and the four attackers were wearing down quickly. Lerissa was relentless against the dragonborn, who was quick to drop from the fight, but not before exhausting the tiefling. When they thought all was lost, a great glowing white lion rushed through the open door and pounced on the demon. The four adventurers felt rejuvenated and charged the weakened demon. In a few short moments, the demon was slain.

The lion turned towards the four adventurers, and bestowed them with a great quest. “You four are the sword of good, and must continue to strike down the evil that plagues this world. Go forth and free the people of Halnor, and you will be forever immortalized in the tales of this world.” With that, the lion exploded into a spray of golden light, and disappeared.

The four warriors banded together under the banner that depicted their saving grace, and called themselves the White Lions. They started their campaign against evil that day, and thus started the Spring.

Overthrow of Theosar

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