Varis Theodor

Half-Elf Avenger of the White Lions

Born to farmers Heator and Eiliss in the fields near Theosar, Varis lived a simple and hard life. Being the Winter, Varis’ farm was regularly attacked by bandits or unnatural beasts looking for food. His father, Heator, trained him in the art of the greatsword, and charged Varis with guarding the farm when his skills were adequate. The half-elf was a sight to see with the mighty sword, but the wielder never revelled in the death he brought. He was only doing his job to protect his family’s crop and safety.

Eventually, a day came when Varis and his father could not protect the farm anymore. The fields were destroyed, the house was all but a pile of rubble. Fortunately, they were all safe. Having no other place to go, the three of them went to Theosar. Varis’ father was quickly recruited by the king’s guards, but Varis was able to stay under their detection. Varis found out soon enough what these guards were doing, and he could not stand the sight of his father no longer. Heator pleaded with him to stay and fight with the king, but Varis left anyways.

The half-elf found himself in the midst of a dark town, corrupted by evil with no light of good glimmering anywhere. Varis fended for himself in the streets, until he found a hidden temple of Bahamut. The Great Dragon god spoke to Varis’ heart, and he found peace amongst the chaos. While praying in this temple, Varis heard of the plight to overthrow the corrupted king. Bahamut appeared to Varis that night, and compelled him to join these rebels. The half-elf took up his greatsword and began training once again. The other denizens of the temple were highly impressed with his skill, and quickly accepted him into their ranks.

During this time, Varis befriended a strange dragonborn guard by the name of Arjhan. The dragonborn had been recruited into the king’s guards, but was quick to denounce the evilness that it promoted. Together, the two trained and planned with the rest of the temple. When the time came, they participated in the Overthrow of Theosar.


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Varis Theodor

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