White Lions

The White Lions were a group of adventurers who banded together during a past Winter to resist the evils of the world. Each member of this band had their own reason for being in Theosar, but somehow found there way together. The White Lions were involved in the Overthrow of Theosar. During their fight to end the king’s reign, a great glowing white lion entered the fray to help these heroes. They vanquished their enemy, and received their quest from the lion. To honor the mysterious beast, the group named themselves the White Lions. Now a unified group, they campaigned against the evil that terrorized Halnor, and brought the Spring battles to them. Eventually, the White Lions were victorous over the vile creatures, and started a World Summer.


Rasfar Gelendor

Arjhan Arissath

Varis Theodor

Lerissa Xanbar


Rasfar’s Steel

Varis’ Focus

Varis’ Threads

Varis’ Cord

White Lions

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